Ufos and the Cold War


No serious scientist can admit to believing in "flying saucers." Nevertheless, since the Second World War, the US military and secret service branches have left a remarkable paper trail concerned with just such phenomena. In thousands of files and reports now ordered declassified the matter is clear: high-ranking military feared that UFOs were likely secret Soviet weapons, a number opining further that the spacecraft were being piloted for the Soviets by extraterrestrials. In the film contemporary witnesses and experts "speak for themselves;" among them: camera personnel tasked with filming UFOs, airplane pilots who allegedly saw evidence on their radar screens and-or with their eyes, and historians who have studied the matter. The Superpowers' Secret Submarine War.

Filmographic details

Year 2005
Country Germany, Russia, USA, Sweden
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 43 Min. / 52 Min.
Channel Arte / ZDF
Author Dirk Pohlmann
Director Dirk Pohlmann
Camera Uli Leufen
Music Georg Reichelt