Mengele’s Heirs – Human experiments in the Cold War


We know the Nazis created the hell of the concentration camps, where doctors pitilessly carried out medical experiments on human beings. Josef Mengele was the notorious “Doctor of Death”. But Mengele was not the first murderer in a white coat, and he wasn’t the last. He wasn’t even the worst. Japan had an empire of murderous science, systematically using people as experimental objects, dissecting them alive. Japanese scientists perfected biological weapons - and ways to deliver them - by experimenting on people. In Manchuria they infected entire villages with plague, cut up the victims, and murdered the survivors. After 1945 Mengele’s heirs went to work for the victors - their crimes were never investigated. They carried on, using the same methods. The Cold War became the perfect cover for top-secret science projects by the security services of both sides. In the struggle for world domination, there’s no morality, only assessments of usefulness and effectiveness. There’s evidence the Soviets exposed 30,000 of their own soldiers to radiation. Hallucinatory and other drugs were tested in secret experiments on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Czechoslovakia is revealed as a centre for these activities, still continuing today. Deadly experiments were also carried out in the USA - and were covered up. And this film produces testimony that the People’s Republic of Korea is still using gas chambers, testing lethal gases on political prisoners.

Filmographic details

Year 2009
Country USA, South Korea
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 43 Min. / 52 Min. / 90 Min.
Channel Arte / ZDF
Author Dirk Pohlmann
Director Dirk Pohlmann
Music Georg Reichelt