Hawaii – Island of Dreams – Kauai


Kauai offers a large variety of exciting destination such as: tropical Rainforest, endless Beaches, Coral Reefs and uprising Rock Formation, a mountain placed in the middle of the island surrounded by mystery clouds. Hollywood found ideal location for scenes in movies like: King Kong, Indiana Johns and Jurassic Park. Biologist Matt Johnson is one of the rare people who’s trying constantly to reach the Plateau of the 1500 Meter high Mount Wai’ale’ale” . Several Helicopter Pilots crashed in the past years and lost their life by trying to ignore the dangerous Fog. But Matt Johnson studies the multiplicity of the nature high up in the Fog.

Filmographic details

Year 2010 / 2011
Country Hawaii
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 43 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Thomas Radler, Klaus Kastenholz, Christopher Zahlten
Director Thomas Radler, Klaus Kastenholz, Christopher Zahlten
Camera Philip Flämig
Cut Tim Greiner
Music Georg Reichelt