The colors of the deserts – The Yellow Sahara Part 5


Ocean-waves of yellow sand and dunes passing by. Date-palm–oasis invites you to rest in the middle of a troublesome trip. You will possibly not be the only one who sees a Mirage in the distance.
Fine sand like in the Sahara- Desert covers only 20 % of all deserts but Egypt’s desert is the only one that’s almost half covert with sand. It is fascinating traveling thru a picture-book- desert and see the famous Oasis –Siwa. Known by the oracle of Amun-Re. 40 miles away from the Libyan border Oasis- Siwa is one of the fares places in a long distance range of West- Egypt. The only way to discover the beauty of the Sahara –desert was possible by building a strait- line running Desert-Street for non- caravanning travelers.

Filmographic details

Year 2012
Country Egypt
Rights Worldwide
Award 1. Camera Award NaturVision Filmfestival 2012
Runtime 52 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Petra Haffter
Director Petra Haffter
Camera Philip Flämig, Patrick Popow, Frank Schunicht
Cut Peter Klum
Music Damir Price