Rocks of Ages – Meteorites – Visitors from the Beyond


For millions of years stones formed the foundation moves on across the earth.
Rocks are everywhere and in a sense are the memory of our planet.
A journey through space and time.
From petrified waves to chiseled palaces.
From granite behemoths to black silvery basalt to fire – breathing mountains.

Filmmaker Petra Haffter brings us back in time to the edge of a 50.000 years crater.
On a highway to Arizona she followed the sign: „Meteor Crater.“ This was the start for a fantastic tour to rocks from an other world.

The crater she found has been accepted since 1963 that this crater was not formed by a volcanic outbreak but through a direct hit.
The crater is huge. It is said it could accommodate all SanFrancisco's Downtown.

Meteorits, meteor showers and shooting stars exude a very special fascination.
The rocks from out there are like witnesses from an other world.

The study of meteorites is a young science wich contributes to geology.

In Phoenix Laurence Garvie introduce us to the vocabularys of meteorites.
For example, how one defines „fall“ and „find“.

At Arizona State University once a year everybody is allowed to bring in meteorites for tests.

Meteorites hunting in the desert of Sonora. Outfitted withgolf-clubs, magnets, snake protection and pistoles.

Thrughout America a cult of “ Meteorite Hunters“ observes the landing of meteorites
for real and on the net.
What is the value of a meteorites and why is it in demand?

In Tucson Arizona, the millionaire has the largest privat collection of meteorites in the world.

Meteorites hunters are cool- somehow not quite with both feet on the ground- but maybe you have to be like this if you want to reach for the stars.

Filmographic details

Year 2015
Country Hawaii
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 52 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Petra Haffter
Director Petra Haffter
Camera Philip Flämig
Audio Mike Glöckner
Cut Armin Riegel
Music Damir Price
Production Hennes Grossmann, Katja Lau
Editing Susanne Mertens