21 Century Garden Art – The Healing Gardens of Topher Delaney


For a number of years Californian garden designer Topher Delaney has been creating so-called "sanctuary gardens." In the landscape trade this term describes gardens which offer their owners a place to withdraw from normal life, a spiritual locale where one can meditate, breath deeply, regain perspective and refuel life-energy. The film shows a number of Topher Delaney's most expressive garden creations in the San Francisco Bay Area; we also encounter the high-spirited, multi-talented artist in her unusual work studio in Southpark. Here the artist works on garden architectural plans, sculpture and contemporary design, in an inspiring atmosphere, surrounded by parrots and aquariums, alongside a multicultural team of colleagues.

Filmographic details

Year 2003
Country USA
Rights Worldwide
Award Best documentary Film Festival Cinéfeuille Gaillac, France 2007
Runtime 26 Min.
Channel Arte / ZDF
Author Christoph Schuch
Camera Rüdiger Kortz
Music Georg Reichelt