The Red Dream-Factory


Raise and downfall of a Unique German/ Russian Culture-Partnership. A cooperation that influenced the expression in European -Film-Making in a very important way. This coop was called: Meschrabprom-Film and produced between 1926 and 1936 almost 600 films especially for movie houses with social engagement in both countries. This documentation shows the story of co convinced working couple. A Russian movie professional out of the Czar period and a genius German Communist with ideas for business and a political mission developed a tremendous enthusiasm for a new kind of story telling films.
This document received the Willi-Haas award 2012.

Filmographic details

Year 2011
Country Russia
Rights Worldwide
Award Berlinale 2012, Museum of Modern Art, NY
Runtime 55 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Alexander Schwarz
Director Alexander Schwarz
Camera Andrej Pitinow
Cut Tim Greiner
Music Bernd Schultheiss