Unknown Bangladesh – Love and Suffering along the Great River


To its inhabitants it is known as "Sonar Bangla" - the Golden Bengali. Hidden behind the headlines of catastrophic floods and raging poverty is the true face of Bangladesh. The two-part documentary uncovers the magic of this unknown land. Part One considers the regions of the north, where the great rivers set the pace and tone of daily life. As it wends its way around dozens of small islands, the Jamuna river reaches widths of up to eight kilometers. The inhabitants of the "Chars" marry their children exclusively off to children from families of neighboring islands. And so, if their home should ever be washed away, thanks to their many relatives and relations they can quickly find a new residence...

Filmographic details

Year 2009
Country Bangladesh
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 43 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Klaus Kastenholz
Director Klaus Kastenholz
Camera Steffen Boettrich
Music Georg Reichelt