Hawaii – Inside Paradise Maui – Water-Paradise


On Maui- Hawaii’s second largest island lives one of the world best surfer Kai Lenny. He is 18 years old and his whole life Kai spend on the beach growing up on a surfboard looking for the best wave. His favorite waves breaking in a bay called “Jaws” which means -death throat-. When heavy storm torment the north pacific and waves mounting up to enormous water walls Kai Lenny will be here to challenge the power of nature. Another man with a nerve tickling business on Mauis coasts is Ed Lyman. He is called the Chief –Wale- Protector of the island. His busies time starts every year in December and ends in April. This is the High-Season for thousands of huge Wales appearing in front of Maui and having a good time.

Filmographic details

Year 2010 / 2011
Country Hawaii
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 43 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Thomas Radler, Klaus Kastenholz, Christopher Zahlten
Director Thomas Radler, Klaus Kastenholz, Christopher Zahlten
Camera Philip Flämig
Cut Tim Greiner
Music Georg Reichelt