21 Century Garden Art – The Enchanted Garden of Ivan Hicks


The documentary presents three highlights from the garden artistry of Ivan Hicks. Foremost among them: the film takes the viewers into the mysterious, magical forest of Groombridge Place. The Enchanted Forest is not only fascinating for children, the esoteric-minded, or fans of fantasy genre fiction. Mysterious dinosaur eggs lie in over-sized nests, gigantic spiders' webs span out between aged oak trees. In the middle of the Enchanted Forest one comes upon "the Mystical Pond." It has been dedicated by Ivan Hicks to the tree mythology of the ancient Celts. Over the black water revolve braided willow wreaths, glittering rhinestones and mirrors. Animal skulls and black root canes jut bizarrely out from the water.

Filmographic details

Year 2005
Country England
Rights Worldwide
Award Best documentary Film Festival Cinéfeuille Gaillac, France 2007
Runtime 26 Min.
Channel Arte / ZDF
Author Christoph Schuch
Camera Rüdiger Kortz
Music Georg Reichelt