Abora III – Lost on the Atlantic


A scientific adventure: Leaving from New York, the Abora III and its eleven-man crew set sail for Spain. No normal ship, the Abora is a primitive raft, hand-constructed from reeds. And, the goal which Captain Dominique Goerlitz has set for his stone-aged boat is even more challenging that that previously undertaken by his model, Thor Heyerdahl. Heyerdahl had sailed in the opposite direction "with" and not "against" the winds as would now be the case. The German researcher is determined to prove that it was possible, thousands of years before the Viking Era, to sail across the ocean from America to Europe . Yet, the course taken by the Abora III leads them along the notorious northern route, which even the most experienced of modern navigators seek to avoid...

Filmographic details

Year 2008
Country Germany, USA, Spain
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 52 Min. / 43 Min.
Channel ZDF
Author Rudolph Herzog
Director Rudolph Herzog
Camera Ingo Isensee, Rüdiger Kortz, Charles Michel
Music Georg Reichelt