United Jazz & Rock Ensemble “NA ENDLICH” – Tour documentary and concert


Several of the famous jazz- and rockmusicians of Europe cam once together and build spontaniously a band just to bring more exitement into the music performances on stage.
International stars, like Kenny Wheeler, Charly Mariano and Eberharb Weber foundet in 1977 the “UJRE” . It was more a moody decision but it had spirit enough to bring up more famous kollegs like: Barbara Thompson, Volker Kriegel, Albert Mangelsdorf and Wolfgang Dauner.

This documentary shows you a portrait of the legendary ensemble in one of the 1992 highlights of the history of jazz.

Filmographic details

Year 1992
Country Germany
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 60 Min. / 90 Min.
Channel Arte / ZDF
Author Henning Lohner
Director Henning Lohner
Camera Rüdiger Laske, Rüdiger Kortz