Rocks of Ages – Marble – The Hidden Treasure


For millions of years stones formed the foundation
mankind moves on across the earth. Rocks are everywhere
and in a sense are the memory of our planet.
A journey through space and time. From petrified waves
to chiseled palaces. From granite behemoths to black silvery
basalt to fire – breathing mountains.

Filmmaker Petra Haffter travels through India surching for a rock
that converted by heat pressure within the earth to become
what we call marble.
Driving on bad roads along with sacred cows and transport
links which are governed by loud horn honking.Trucks loaded
with marble showing the way to the country side where we can
find white marble. But the marble arises only by removing earth.
The huge quarries of the noble Makrana marble are located in
the oldest range of fold mountains in India. 40.000 are
employed in 400 mines. The marble blocks are moved to
factorys where the machines take over and continue the process.
To localize the green marble, Italiens knowledge in all things about
marble was helpful and brought Rajastan an unimagined Treasure.
At the Keshariaji and Rishavdeb belt are major operations.
It's like moving mountains in the literal sense of the word.
The mining is technically up to date. No wonder, this business
here started only 20 years ago. Marble is a trade concept
for more than just material for construction and modern designs.
It comes a long way in history of art work. Just looking at the
most typifies perfection and endurance in Agra.
„Taj Mahal“
a dream in white marbel. One of the eight architectural wonders
of the world and also a symbol of eternal love.

Filmographic details

Year 2015
Country India
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 52 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Petra Haffter
Director Petra Haffter
Camera Philip Flämig
Audio Mike Glöckner
Cut Arvid Landgraf
Music Damir Price
Production Hennes Grossmann, Vinay Narkar
Editing Susanne Mertens