Rocks of Ages – A trip to the Pacific Ring of Fire


For millions of years stones have formed the foundation mankind moves on across the earth.
Rocks are everywhere and in a sense are the memory of our planet.
A journey through space and time. From petrified waves to chiseled palaces. From granite behemoths to black silvery basalt to fire – breathing mountains

The filmmaker Petra Haffter exploring Hawaii to show us rocks in motion. We see the beauty of rocks after the volcanos magma turns into basalt.

Most remarkable about Hawaii is the fact that one can find basalt in two physical states: firm and liquid.
Where else can we see rocks in motion?

Basalt is volcanic matter, which solidifies when it reaches the surface of the earth.
The people of Hawaii accept that their islands are the Property of the Gods.
The native population conciders the 1.200 degree hot lava, wich buries everything in its path, not as an act of destruction- but of creation.

Visiting several people with their own point of view about existentialism, among with interesting artist like stone cutter Jonathan Sudler who works with basalt offers only one interesting side of the Hawaiien rocks.
Sudler is the first one, who mentions that volcanoes create break-offs which constantly diminish the size of the island.

We will have a closer look at basalt occasionally we see particularly colors shine from silver green, to blue, red – and sulfur like yellow.

Where exactly magma exits and turns into solid basalt has not
really been determined. The pacific real fire wich creates one
island after the other and then sends them on a long voyage
to the ocean, paving basalt pats for lives.

Filmographic details

Year 2015
Country Hawaii
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 52 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Petra Haffter
Director Petra Haffter
Camera Philip Flämig
Audio Mike Glöckner
Cut Arvid Landgraf
Music Damir Price
Production Hennes Grossmann, Katja Lau
Editing Susanne Mertens