My Life – Gérard Depardieu


The Depardieu Phenomenon: Universally esteemed as the most intensely hard working of European actors, Depardieu is, at the same time, considered the most fun-loving of his peers. Still, the man behind the actor remains largely unknown. Gerard Depardieu has appeared in over 150 productions; a passionate gourmet, he owns numerous vineyards and two restaurants. The film reveals France's international film star from an emotional perspective rarely before seen. With remarkable candor he shares his good fortunes, failures and deepest personal abysses, not least of which was the recent and unexpected death of his son Guillaume. Numerous film excerpts illustrate the astonishing correlation between his roles and the phases of his life.

Filmographic details

Year 2008
Country France
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 90 Min. / 52 Min. / 43 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Andreas Schlosser, Andreas Strasser
Director Andreas Schlosser, Andreas Strasser
Camera Andreas Schlosser