Lucio Dalla- “I was never a partisan”


With more than 30 albums published, Lucio Dalla is among the most successful of Italy's singer-songwriters. For more than 40 years the musical poet has been touring Europe's stages, having gained his first live experience with the "Flippers." Dalla's music is rooted in Jazz, which via an infusion of Soul, has given rise to a style uniquely his own. The film portrays Dalla at the pinnacle of his creative powers. With genuine affection, the documentary presents an individual whose remarkable character is revealed, for example, in the profundity of his many-layered song texts - texts to songs such as his most famous composition "Caruso," - which ended up in the standard repertoire of no less than Luciano Pavarotti.

Filmographic details

Year 1995
Country Italy, Germany
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 57 Min.
Channel Arte / ZDF
Author Ulli Pfau
Director Ulli Pfau
Camera Michael Gööck