Les Reves de Topor – Topor’s Dreams


In 1958 his first published drawings appeared in a periodical entitled "Bizarre" - and bizarre is the ideal word to characterize the work and life of the exceptional artist Roland Topor. "Topor's Dreams" is a film with and about Roland Topor: the painter, author, actor, script writer and dreamer of black-humored stories. As he has himself quipped, the greatest misfortune would be "for reality to actually correspond to what I know of it." To stave off such misfortune, he writes, draws and paints with impudent wit, irony and always bizarre (often, macabre) humor. A day in the life of Roland Topor. Because he has many names and identities, the cinematic boundaries between Documentary and Fiction, between Fantasy and Truth are ultimately left undefined ....

Filmographic details

Year 1994
Country France, Germany
Rights Worldwide
Award Grimme Special Price 1996, German Camera Award 1996, German Cut Award 1996
Runtime 60 Min.
Channel Arte / ZDF
Author Gerhard Thiel
Director Gerhard Thiel
Camera Rüdiger Kortz
Cut Armin Riegel