John Irving – At the Beginning is Found the End


Without a doubt John Irving is among the most successful of present day authors - and he is the unchallenged master of counterbalancing pithy realism with just the right touch of humor. The American has created an entire universe filled with absurd characters, crazy circumstances and - repeatedly - bears. The millions of readers asks themselves just how much of the author's own personality he has hidden in his books. For the first time ever before a German camera, in the documentary Irving shares his private concerns. The author speaks about the significance of sex, sport and politics in his novels, and shares with the viewer his writing technique. The film observes the carefully composed life of the passionately dedicated author and family man.

Filmographic details

Year 1999 / 2000
Country USA, Netherlands, Australia, Germany
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 59 Min.
Channel ZDF
Author Jens Dücker
Director Jens Dücker
Camera Rüdiger Kortz