Henning Mankell’s Homicidal Sweden


Commissioner Wallander is a superstar. As of today, nearly 10 million novels detailing the exploits of the Swedish investigator, set in 29 different languages, have been sold internationally. But who is the man behind the famous character? Author Henning Mankell is precisely the same age as his chronically melancholic policeman; he shares his deep affection for the Swedish landscape, his love of opera, and likewise suffers from the baseness of the world. Kurt Wallander has made Henning Mankell the most successful Scandinavian author working today. The film portrays the silent superstar of the detective novel genre, visiting him in his Swedish homeland. Just how much of Mankell lives in Wallander .... ?

Filmographic details

Year 2000
Country Sweden
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 30 Min.
Channel ZDF
Author Wilfried Hauke
Director Wilfried Hauke
Camera Ivan Minov