Faces of Europe – The Rugged Charms of the Westman Isles


The inhabitants of the Westman Isles south of Iceland mirror the character of their environment: often hefty, rugged, hard but hearty. The Westman Isles, with wild tides, furious storms and merciless natural disasters, lie in that remote corner of the world where Summer flies by. At this time the pulse of life intensifies. When the sun is shining, the men of Westman thaw as well; they go hunting and catch puffins - just as their ancestors had done. Sigurgeir Jónasson stands as the center point of the documentary. With him, the viewer experiences the ocean, the hunt for Atlantic Puffins and the very soul of the Westman Isles: where, in the northernmost reaches of Europe a world exists operating in accord with rules all its own.

Filmographic details

Year 2006
Country Iceland
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 26 Min.
Channel Arte / ZDF
Author Paul Weber
Director Paul Weber
Camera Ernst Krell