The Dorboz – Artists from Usbekistan


From May till September every year Dorboz and Polvon present on many location in Uzbekistan her fascinating shows. The well known artists perform stunts in front of a breathless watching audience. You may have seen Rope - dancer before but this is culture pure. United with different shows performed by strong and powerful athletes the group travels every summer thru the - for his signify culture known Ferghana - valley. The Camera follows two artists Zokir and Sardor from Tiashan – to the Alai -Mountain located in the east of Uzbekistan. The shows take places in different parks of several villages ore even on private property along with a festival ore ceremony. Together with all artists the show is been known as the highlight of the year. Performed on the Uspekian Independent –Day in Ferghana City..

Filmographic details

Year 2012
Country Usbekistan
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 43 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Werner Kiefer
Director Werner Kiefer
Camera Philip Flämig
Cut Andreas Tiletzek, Thomas Wellmann, Timo Deichmann
Music Turgun Alimatov, Sultonali Rachmatov