China’s Wild West – Heirs of the Silk Route


On bicycle, a German explores what is likely the least Chinese region of China, Xinjiang, the northernmost, largest and least known province of the People's Republic. In the view of many Chinese, the gigantic region lying between Mongolia and Tibet forms a "wild west," far removed from Beijing and the rest of the country. Today, the former East-Turkestan and ancestral homeland of the Uighur people, is a melting pot of diverse peoples and cultures The two-part documentary accompanies the young bicyclist-cum-tour promoter on his pioneering trip: Is the remote Xinjiang Province a suitable destination for European tourists? - and is it even accessible by bicycle? Best approach is to scout out the situation himself ...

Filmographic details

Year 2006
Country China
Rights Weltweit
Runtime 43 Min.
Channel Arte / ZDF
Author Klaus Kastenholz
Director Klaus Kastenholz
Camera Rüdiger Kortz
Music Georg Reichelt