AAAFNRAA – Making of „The Yellow Shark“


"The Yellow Shark" was the title of Frank Zappa's last big concert; it was likewise the title of his final CD, appearing one year before his death. Still, the cancer that would take his life is little in evidence here; the film's focus is on the joy-filled concert performed by the German "Ensemble Modern" under the baton of Peter Rundel. As for Zappa, he himself was the editor of this "Making of ..." documentary. Set in the Frankfurt Alte Oper, the film offers viewers fascinating "backstage" insights into the work's world premiere, and bares the unmistakable imprint of Frank Zappa. This man transformed himself from a fearsome rocker into a trend setter in classical New Music composition, brilliantly exceeding the boundaries of either form.

Filmographic details

Year 1992
Country Germany
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 30 Min.
Author Van Carlson
Director Van Carlson