A Photographer in the Cell Block – An Experiment


A woman behind bars for an unusual experiment: Recipient of numerous awards and commendations, portrait photographer Monika Werneke sees photographs as reflections of the Self - a result sometimes reached only by deviations from conventional means. Twice weekly the artist has an unusual appointment in a detention center: a remarkable project in which she introduces juvenile prisoners to cameras. In fact, Monike Wernecke is concerned with far more than mere photographic technique. She believes that with the aid of the camera prisoners can learn to see themselves in new ways, to reconsider the realities of their lives. To do this they need courage. The film about this rare photographer makes clear: Walls offer the inmates protection ... including from themselves.

Filmographic details

Year 2006
Country Germany
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 45 Min.
Author Sigrid Abel
Director Sigrid Abel
Camera Andreas Schlosser