A Cowboy-Church in California


Less than one hour out of Los Angeles you will find one of its rare and interesting site of California. In the small City of Norco 25 000 citizen living there Life along with 30 000 horses. In order to manage and regulate day by day circumstances people have uncommon regulations. You will find ricks of hay piling up along the roadways. Sidewalks are used as horse trail - but in the middle of the town, there stands this Cowboy- Church. The Mess is been celebrate under the open sky. If you miss the sacred sound of an organ you will be surprised by the sound of country music played on a banjo. Visitors comes to join the mess on horses and remain sitting in their saddle.In this portrait you will find an extraordinary American community living between tradition longing for the past and a close unity to the nature.

Filmographic details

Year 2012
Country USA
Rights Worldwide
Runtime 43 Min.
Channel Arte
Author Petra Haffter, Katja Lau
Director Petra Haffter
Camera Ryan Hogue, Petra Haffter, Kristina Schulte-Eversum, Reuben Aaronson
Cut Tim Greiner